Mistakenly Yours

Mistakenly Yours is the latest addition to the impressive lineup of Nollywood films by Laju Iren, and is set to premiere this Easter.

The movie narrates how a mistake can turn out to be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for growth, adventure, and love. Following an embarrassing breakup, a successful filmmaker, pressured by her family to marry, engages in a fake engagement with a struggling clergyman seeking marriage for a promotion.

With A-List actors such as Stan Nze, Jude Chukwuka, Chinonso Arubayi, Lolo 1, and brand influencer Tomike Adeoye, prepare for an experience.

Brace yourself!


We can't wait for you to see Mistakenly Yours on your favourite streaming platform

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we get tickets?

Click here to get your tickets after which your unique log in details will be sent to you.

Or send an email to lajuirenfilms@gmail.com or a DM to @lajuirenfilms on IG.

How much are tickets?

Regular tickets
₦5000 (Preorder)
₦6500 (Actual price)

Buy for 10 friends

Buy for 20 friends
₦100k + merch

MY Carebox + 10 tickets

Invite to physical premiere + 20 virtual premiere tickets + MY Carebox

Invite to physical premiere + 75 virtual premiere tickets + 2 MY Carebox

Can I share tickets with my friends?

While you cannot share your unique tickets and log-in details with your friends, you can send a DM to @lajuirenfilms on Instagram to buy tickets in bulk.

What is virtual cinema?

Virtual Cinema is where you experience the comfort of having online access to watch Mistakenly Yours from anywhere in the world!

How does the virtual cinema work?

Once payment is made, you’ll be sent a payment confirmation in your mail. Just before Easter, you’ll get your unique access code and instructions on how to watch the movie online.

How can I watch Mistakenly Yours?

You can watch Mistakenly Yours via our virtual cinema experience, where you log in from any smart gadget of your choice after purchasing tickets.

When can I watch the movie?

From March 29th to April 1st. But you can purchase your tickets way ahead of time. Click here to get your tickets.

How often can I watch?

You can watch the movie as many times as you want during the Easter Holiday only.

I’m not in Nigeria, how can I watch?

After purchasing tickets online, you will have access to watch from anywhere in the world.

What device do I need to watch it?

Mistakenly Yours can be watched on any smart device: smart phone, laptop, tablets and others.

Can I download the movie on my phone and watch later?

You can only watch Mistakenly Yours online. It is currently unavailable for download.

How can I help share the news about Mistakenly Yours?

What a delight!
You can share the news by using the #MistakenlyYours on your social media handles.

Are you taking sponsors for Mistakenly Yours?

Yes we are.
You can be a sponsor by buying tickets. Please send us an email at lajuirenfilms@gmail.com or a DM on IG @lajuirenfilms